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The face and the voice of our clients at the Louisiana Capitol.

At Capitol Partners, we take great pride in effectively representing the interests of our clients. Years of experience have taught us the subtleties of our state government and the business culture of Louisiana. Great government relations are based on strong and consistent relationships with our clients, regulators, legislators and citizens. Thus, we maintain year-round contact with our clients and key stakeholders. And we always take meticulous care to distinguish your business and tailor our resources to achieve your specific goals while maintaining the highest levels of commitment, determination and integrity.

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A boutique lobbying and government relations firm, focused on the people of Louisiana

We are a unique, full-service firm that knows how to make things happen. Capitol Partners facilitates meetings and provides guidance to help our clients navigate the maze of local and state governmental procedures and procurement regulations. From testimony preparation to grass roots coalition building, image enhancement to campaign assistance, our hands-on partnership will meet and exceed your objectives.

Whether you need to drive legislative or regulatory approval, want to enhance your image or are looking to improve political campaign fundraising, Capitol Partners has the resources to deliver beyond your expectations. Our work includes taking a hands-on, meticulous approach to government affairs, public relations, new media strategies, political campaign support and advocacy communications.
Social media is now crucial to citizens’ perceptions. Capitol Partners has the experience and expertise needed to ensure that your reputation is current and consistent across all media (new and traditional). On behalf of our clients, we are active participants in outbound social tools like Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and a myriad of others. Capitol Partners recognizes that grassroots-level citizen advocates can be your most significant allies. Our team can effectively mobilize groups of citizens in legislators’ districts to support or deny issues.
Capitol Partners has an impressive record of success in expertly navigating both the legislative and regulatory process. We build close partnerships with our clients as we work with multiple departments and maintain strong working relationships with elected officials and government staffers. Our skills include procurement management, budget and appropriations management, and issue monitoring and intelligence.
We offer a turnkey special event service to maximize your fund-raising efforts. Our crew handles everything from developing the event, its theme, the venue, entertainment, media and promotion. Not only is it an art to solicit and maximize contributions, your government relations partner must also be well versed in the law. Changes in the Louisiana Ethics Law passed impact how PACs are managed and dollar limits are reported. We are intimately familiar with this critical legislation and guide our clients through its many tenets.
Your reputation is no longer defined by your press releases and media contacts. Today it is determined by a myriad of points of communication and activities that formulate constituents’ perceptions. We help our clients demonstrate their commitment through proactive participation: everything from sponsoring local events, participating in charities, serving as subject matter experts and consistently offering outstanding customer service.
Once we have crafted your strategy, our communications team is ready to produce all your communications materials, whether they are electronic, dimensional or printed. We create everything from a simple advocacy websites to more extensive site content design and coding. A well-crafted infographic is a powerful communications tool. Political issues are frequently complex. Capitol Partners possesses the skills to simply communicate significant amounts of information quickly through visual means. The result is key stakeholders and citizens alike can quickly grasp the core issue before them.


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Located less than a block from the Louisiana State Capitol, we work in the historic Spanish Town district of Baton Rouge.

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