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Once we have crafted your strategy, our communications team is ready to produce all of your communications materials, whether they are electronic, dimensional or printed.

Web Pages

We create everything from a simple advocacy site to more extensive site contents design and coding.


Political issues are frequently complex. Our challenge is how to simply communicate significant amounts of information quickly. Infographics are very effective. It’s not an easy process because our designs need to understand exactly what the infographic needs to communicate and must distill significant amounts of information into easy-to-comprehend images.

Collateral materials

We create everything from invitation, signage, party décor, flyers, informational brochures, promotional products to graphic identifiers.


Writing content for websites, vision positioning statements, your story, biographies and case studies requires an in-depth knowledge of the issues. Capitol Partners excels at identifying the essential truth and then presenting it in compelling ways.

Communications Strategy

As important as the message is, how it is presented ensures your message reaches the right audiences. We develop persuasive messaging and recommend appropriate vehicles.


Our team can solicit competitive bids to produce any materials that we design, whether it’s website hosting, printing or promotional items, You can provide a list of vendors, vendor criteria, or we will source from our list of proven vendors. | Site Map
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