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The Louisiana Department of Health and Hospitals (DHH) is seeking creative, innovative and viable strategies that will assist Louisiana with restructuring the organization and delivery of Medicaid services to individuals receiving Medicaid-funded Long Term Services and Supports (LTSS). The key objectives of restructuring are to:

  • Improve quality of services and health outcomes;
  • Decrease fragmentation and improve coordination of care;
  • Create a system that utilizes proven and/or promising practices;
  • Refocus the system in order to increase choice and provide more robust living options for those who need LTSS and their families; and
  • Rebalance the system in order to meet the growing demand for services within the existing level of expenditures for the LTSS population.

To assist those with an interest in helping to shape the future of LTSS, The Louisiana Department of Health and Hospitals has published several very informative Concept Briefs about Louisiana’s LTSS. As a service to visitors to our website, Capitol Partners is pleased to make these Concept Briefs available to you. To view these documents, please click on the appropriate links below.

LTSS Enrollment Concept Brief

Click here to view a pdf of the LTSS Enrollment Concept Brief. This brief includes the following information :

  • LTSS Initiative Enrollment Background
  • Key Enrollment Considerations
  • Voluntary vs. Mandatory Enrollment
  • Managing the Enrollment Function
  • Enrollment Counseling
  • Enrollment Periods
  • Marketing Protections
  • Solicitation for Feedback on Enrollment Topics

LTSS Care Coordination Concept Brief

Click here to view a pdf of the LTSS Care Coordination Concept Brief. In this brief, you will learn about what decisions will drive the scope of care coordination, whether and how managed care organizations coordinate their services, and which areas of care coordination are being actively solicited for feedback.

LTSS Benefit Design Concept Brief

Click here to view a pdf of the LTSS Benefit Design Concept Brief. This brief covers topics related to the design of benefits packages that will be managed by Managed Care Organizations (MCO). These topics include:

  • The State’s discretionary authority over the scope of benefits packages (all-inclusive vs. “carve-out”)
  • What services should be included within the LTSS service
  • The variations of services offered to different population groups

As with the other briefs, the Benefit Design Concept Brief also details the topics that are being solicited for feedback.

LTSS Populations Concept Brief

Click here to view a pdf of the LTSS Populations Concept Brief. This concept brief delves into the impact of LTSS programs across four sometimes overlapping Louisiana population groups. These groups are:

  • Medicaid and Medicare Eligibles
    People with Developmental Disabilities
  • People with Adult Onset Disabilities and Aging-Related Disabilities
  • Chisholm Class Members (current and future Louisiana Medicaid recipients under age 21 who are now or will in the future be placed on the Office of Citizens with Developmental Disabilities’ Request for Services Registry)

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