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Social Communication Management

Social media is becoming more crucial to citizens’ perceptions so we strive to ensure that your reputation is current and consistent across all media (new and traditional). With so much “transparency” and anyone’s ability to share their version of the truth, you must rely on a partner to monitor everything that is being read, said or broadcast and to ensure that the right image is communicated and the wrong image is negated.

Social Brand Enhancement

New social media tools are being popularized every day. To be relevant, you need a team to keep up with what’s being said and how it’s being shared every day. On behalf of our clients, we are active participants in outbound social tools like Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn. We are also proactive with user-generated comments and are prepared to quickly respond with the appropriate message when necessary.

Grassroots Advocacy Coalition Building

Grassroots-level citizen advocates can be your most significant allies. Our team can effectively mobilize groups of citizens in legislators’ districts to support or deny issues. | Site Map
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